DVD BOX SETS Reba - The Complete TV Series on DVD

Title: Reba - The Complete TV Series on DVD
Description: Reba TV Series. The Complete Collection of the hit TV Series on DVD.
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Language: English

Limited Edition DVD Box Set
Every Memorable Episode in One Huge Collection - Lowest Price Online Guaranteed

Reba is a Golden Globe- and Emmy-nominated American sitcom starring Reba McEntire. It premiered on The WB Television Network (The WB) network in 2001, where it ran for five seasons before The WB merged with UPN to form The CW Television Network (The CW), and it ran on The CW for its final season. When it premiered on The CW, the show became the top rated sitcom on the network, as it was on The WB.

Despite being one of The CW Network's leading shows, the long-running series ended rather abruptly, with its finale airing on Sunday, February 18, 2007.

The show is set in the suburbs of Houston, Texas, and stars Reba McEntire as a wisecracking single mother Reba (Nell) Hart, whose dentist ex-husband Brock (Christopher Rich) has left her to marry young, ditzy Barbra Jean (Melissa Peterman) after an affair with her. Ironically, though Reba sees "B.J." as her nemesis, Barbra Jean considers Reba her best (and perhaps only) friend. As the show progresses Reba slowly and painfully comes to the conclusion that despite all her efforts to hate her, she likes Barbra Jean and considers her a friend. During the show's first season, Reba's oldest daughter, then high school senior Cheyenne (Joanna Garc_a) became pregnant. In the pilot episode, Cheyenne married her baby's father, fellow high-schooler Van Montgomery (Steve Howey), a dim-witted but well-meaning football player. Van moves in with them, as his own parents kicked him out for standing by Cheyenne, and comes to view Reba as a surrogate parent (something Reba is very comfortable with). Reba's other two children are Kyra (Scarlett Pomers), an intelligent and rebellious teenager who shares Reba's sarcastic streak, and Jake (Mitch Holleman), a young boy just trying to sort through the mess of his family. Since the fifth season, Van and Reba have been real estate partners. The show strives to comically but realistically portray the trials and tribulations of family life in modern society.

Reba McEntire
Christopher Rich
Joanna Garc_a
Steve Howey
Scarlett Pomers
Mitch Holleman
Melissa Peterman

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ALL 125 Uncut Episodes - 6 Seasons on 29 DVDS

  • Excellent video and audio quality
  • 100% in chronological order
  • Commercial free and unedited
  • This box set contains all 29 DVDs with Custom Artwork.
  • These DVDs are region free so they will play on any DVD player Worldwide and DVD-Rom, X-Box or PS2 worldwide.

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